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introduction to main testing facilities

instron 3382-100kn electronic multi-purpose testing machine

it can be applied to measure the material mechanics performances,e.g. tensile, compression, ram shear (matching the jigs), criss-cross shear and inter-lamination shear etc.with the environmental cabinet, the machine can make the test be conducted under low or high temperature.

dsc of ta company

lt can be used to measure manterials'tg, cold crystallization, phase transformation, fusion, crystallization, product stability, curing/crosslinking, oxidation induction period etc.

st-bz-7 standrd salt sprasy tester

lt is mainly used to measure the salty-fog corrosion resitance properties for avariety of materials, including paint, coat,pigment,gelcoat,frp composites etc.

hp 8722es 50mhz-40ghz network analyzers system

the system is specially for measuring the impedance, standing wave delay, phase, transmission loss of the microwave component, the antenna pattern, and the transmission characteristics of the electromagnetic window.

structural test of the large blades

this center is equipped with various sensors and static & dynamic strain gauges, which are used specially for structural testing of frp structural components, including stiffness, strength and multistage frequency measuring etc. the center successfully undertook and finished the structural test of blades of 600kw, 750kw, and 1.5mw, which were certified with gl certification.

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