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property items table
frp laminates tension/ bending/compression properties, shear strength, impact properties, density, water absorption, barcol hardness, volume content, light permeation ratio, electric strength, electric resistivity of volume and surface, oxygen index, horizontal-vertical burning, hdt, linear expansion, transmissivity, resin content, curing degree, uv aging, salt water aging, micro wave properties, etc
resins tg., viscosity, density, solid content, gel time, tensile/bending/compressive properties of resin cast, etc
fiber/woven products moisture content, combustible matter content, mass, thickness, tension strength, linear density of yarns, etc
sandwich structures and core materials flatwise tension/compression, edgewise compression, shear properties, flexural properties, climbing drum peel , etc
pipes and tubes pipe stiffness, axial tension, round direction tension, impact properties, etc
composite material products product type verification test, structural test;e.g. blades, pultrusion profiles, lighting plates, frp bath room, etc

the standards used include chinese national standard gb series, chinese industry standards such as jc, dl, cj, and popular international codes like iso, astm, din, bs, jb etc. the center can also design test methods for special products or non-standard requirements.

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